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Professional in KNX Smart Home Devices & Intelligent Building Solutions

We are devoted to improve the intelligent level of building, 
and create your wisdom & brilliant living space.

Zhuhai SATION Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise specializing in KNX devices. Our core is to provide a full range of international first-class standard products and solutions to help our customers to feel and enjoy the intelligent building management mode, improve the quality of life, reduce energy consumption of building.

The KNX building solutions of SATION are able to realize the comprehensive efficiency optimization of  building function, greatly reducing the average energy consumption, meeting the requirements of energy conservation and cost saving. The SATION wisdom space solutions use the leading technology, to satisfy the demands of wisdom life environment  and working space, making a harmonious and sustainable development relationship between people, between human and nature, between human and building. 

The KNX products of SATION have well tested through KNX debugging tools & CE approval, with good quality and high performance, popular in international market. Our devices and service have been applied in many industries, including commercial smart lighting (landmarks), airport hubs, public buildings, industrial park, education, health care and household building.

SATION will always be your trusted partner, will always be on the way to realize the target of “saving energy, increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and leading comfy life”. Smart technology changes traditional life style, and brings a brilliant and superior life experience.

SATION has full range of KNX manufacturing lines: 

Switch ActuatorDimming Actuator, Shutter Actuator, Fan Coil Actuator, Room Temperature Controller, Multi-function Thermostat Panel, Universal Interface Module, IP Router, Line Coupler, Bus power supply, Presence detector, Room Control Unit, 10-inch Master Touch Panel, Push Button & Glass Push Button (Touch Panel), Modbus (Connected to 232 or 485 Interface).